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Disposable Medical Supplies

Medical Depot Canada has made shopping for medical disposable supplies easier by bringing our customers online medical supplies to their fingertips. Our clientele can be assured that we only offer quality sterile medical supply products.

Under our apparel line, we offer a wide range of products like our bouffant caps which are sometimes known as bouffant scrub caps or bouffant surgical caps. Medical Depot Canada offers great prices on our disposable isolation gowns, lab gowns and shoe covers which are available in a non skid pattern.

Our cotton products include non woven gauze and woven gauze, Cotton Tip Applicators, Cotton Dental Rolls and Cotton Filled Exodontias Sponges available in diverse sizes and thickness.

Dentists love our range of dental bibs, dental dams and dental saliva ejectors. When it comes to our wide range of gloves, quality and safety is kept in mind at all times. We offer our customers textured powder free latex examination gloves, textured powdered latex examination gloves, rejuvenate gloves and synthetic gloves. For those with latex allergies, we offer our latex free gloves, the non powdered nitrile textured examination gloves, which is also available in black nitrile powder free with varying degrees of thickness. We also carry powder free vinyl examination gloves and powdered vinyl gloves, and our brand new addition to the glove family, the vytril gloves from Medicom.

Medical Depot Canada also offers those smaller scale products like the tongue depressors aka Waxing sticks or spatulas in the Beauty Salon industry, examination table paper, isopropyl alcohol and cotton tip applicators and soon Muslin Cloth in 50 Meter rolls.

We carry an all-embracing range of face masks, from the tie on masks, the ear loop masks and the N95 respirator masks to the full face mask, the protective eye wear mask and the proshield face mask.

You can be sure to receive only the premium disposable surgical blades and surgical scalpel blades, available in different shapes and sizes. Shipping is fast and easy with our next day shipping policies available to Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Toronto.

Trust Medical Depot Canada to be your Online Medical Supply Provider

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