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Home Medical Equipment

If you are searching for medical equipment for the home or medical equipment in general, Medical Depot Canada has it all.

Our aids to daily living category include sticks, shoe horns, molded stocking aid, elastic laces, hip kits, transfer boards, amputee seats, transfer discs and even padded transfer belts.

When it comes to bathroom safety, you can be sure to trust Medical Depot Canada for the very best products. Our bath benches and bath stools can be adjusted to your height and are available in different materials, like our adjustable height teak bath bench stool. We have bath stools with padded rotating seats, bath benches with backs and padded arms and foldable bath benches. Check out our range of handheld rails for bathtubs, from our rotating tub rails to our adjustable height clamp tub rail. We carry suction cup grab bars for showers like the adjustable angle rotating suction cap grab bar and the adjustable length suction cup grab bar. For those who need medical equipment for baths like the bath lifts, Medical depot has the bellavita auto bath tub chair seat lift or the transfer bench with adjustable backrest or even the portable bath step.  Medical Depot Canada’s bathroom safety line also includes handheld shower sprays and raised toilet seats with or without arms.

For those customers looking for mobility equipment, Medical Depot Canada has canes and crutches, walkers and rolling walkers otherwise known as rollators, wheelchairs and powered wheelchairs, scooters and more. Blind folding canes, folding canes, quad canes, palm grip canes, underarm crutches, folding crutches, cane seats, and forearm crutches are made easily available to our customers. Knee walkers, paddle walkers and foldable walkers are all available with Medical Depot Canada as well as the accessories that go with them like the walker trays and baskets. Rollators are available in three wheel rollators, four wheel rollators or combination rollators as well as rollator accessories.

Medical Depot Canada carries a range of wheelchairs like the lightweight wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, reclining wheelchairs and heavy duty transport wheelchairs. Wheelchair leg rests, anti tipping devices, forward stabilizers, carry pouches, seat belts and super hemi kits can also be purchased separately.  Ramps for wheelchairs and scooters are also available. Electrotherapy is often used to ease pain.

Medical Depot Canada carries tens units and portable muscle simulators under this category for Pain management via electrotherapy. Lead wires and electrodes can be purchased separately.

Keep healthy with our exercise peddlers available as folding exercise peddler with electronic display, exercise peddler with handle and standard exercise peddler. Make the patient comfortable with our electric hospital beds, manual hospital beds, beds with handrails, pressure prevention mattresses, over bed tables, Geri chairs, hip chairs, privacy screens and patient lifts. Pediatric rehab offers posterior posture walkers, posterior safety rollers, anterior walkers, gait trainers, pediatric standers, adaptive strollers, crawl trainers, forearm platforms, hip positioned and pad, thigh prompts and ankle prompts. Breathe easy with our piston powered nebulizers or ultrasonic nebulizers. Medical Depot Canada provides you with quality equipment available from our warehouses in Vancouver and Toronto.

Trust Medical Depot Canada to be your Online Medical Supply Provider

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